The Back Story….

People often tend to fear about changes. It is true that changes sometimes bring problems with it. We usually face changes that we cannot avoid, so we should try to make these changes an opportunity.

space needle I have been living in Seattle as an international student for nine months and definitely suffered some difficulties. The first impression of Seattle is that the pace here is quite like my hometown Taichung; everyone on the road is calm and unhurried, and there are only cars and “bicycles” running on the road, no crowds, no rush and no scooters! I am really fond of walking on the street and enjoy the beautiful and natural views. However, I found that the night life here is dry. After 8 or 9 pm, it becomes tranquil outside here; however, it is just the time to become boisterous in Taiwan: night market, KTV, night tour and so on. The above activities are uncommon here, so I realized I have to make some adjustments to my life.

As a result, as time goes by, I found my life style has been changing—I began to adapt myself to the new environment! This is my first time to live outside my home country for a long time. During these nine months, I have gradually gotten used to living here and I would like to find out what changed my life. Also, I’m still exploring new things in Seattle and I want to share some stories about the time line life of some international students’ lives from Taiwan to Seattle.

I would like to interview 3 current UW students to talk about their lives in Seattle and in their hometown. The first beauty is Betty Chao, from Taiwan, and has been living in Seattle for almost 10 years! The second storyteller is Alvin Wong, who will receive his bachelor degree this June, has stayed here since 2002. The last one is Mini Hu, cohort 6 student of MCDM, just came to the US last September and is also from Taiwan like me.